Blackout Proof the Protests

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Jun 24

“The Fall of Legitimacy” Friday

Videos filmed by Avaaz Citizen Journalists in Zabadani & Raqqa

Protesters chant for ‘Horreyya’ or Freedom and the downfall of the system

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Avaaz is fighting back against communications blackouts in the Middle East and North Africa. Savvy activists with nimble tech who can bring the world into the struggles can help win change and reduce repressive violence.


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Current Campaigns

  • The End of Rupert Murdoch?

    For decades Murdoch has ruled with impunity -- making and breaking governments with his vast media holdings, but we're fighting back, and winning! Avaaz played a key role in stopping Murdoch's grab for media control in the UK. Now we're taking our red-hot UK campaign global, to roll back the Murdoch menace everywhere. Take action now

  • Sudan: Enough is Enough

    Sudan's President al-Bashir, indicted for genocide and mass murder, has unleashed yet another brutal attack on his own people. Let's demand that our leaders arrest him and protect Sudanese civilians now! Take action now

Middle East Campaigns

  • Save Syria's Disappeared

    Since March, nearly 3,000 innocent Syrians have disappeared without a trace. We can pressure key leaders to investigate and press the regime to reunite thousands of families. Sign the petition! Take action now

  • Palestine: the world's next nation

    The Palestinian people are calling on the world to recognise Palestine as a state. Over 120 countries have endorsed the call, but the US and Israel are opposing and key European leaders are on the fence. Take action now

  • No F1 in Brutal Bahrain

    Formula 1 will decide whether to race in Bahrain this year. Sign to let Red Bull and other teams know it's wrong to reward a government that is killing and injuring innocent protesters, nurses and doctors. Take action now

  • Syria: stand with the protesters

    Donate now to help Syrian activists with crucial needs to stay safe in the face of crackdowns and to build their movement. Take action now